The 10 most read stories of 2016

From our coverage of the PM’s quizzical Facebook rants to the Pokemon Go craze that hit the country (and the world), here are our readers’ picks from 2016.

After seven years in print, Prishtina Insight went online in February this year.  Going through the archive of 2016, one is reminded just how much the magazine has covered this year alone. It also is a great reminder of the rollercoaster of a year we’re leaving behind.

In a chronological order, we’ve listed the ten most read stories on our website. These include Hana Marku’s opinion piece on the patronizing language used by the international representatives when addressing locals, Jeta Xharra’s (and Alex Anderson’s) long feature on the freedom of movement (or lack thereof) for Kosovars, Atdhe Mulla’s photo gallery of Prishtina’s march for LGBTI rights on IDAHOT, Plator Gashi’s coverage of the Pokemon Go frenzy, as well as our editor’s comment on Astrit Dehari’s untimely death and incompetent response of rule of law institutions.

Editor’s note: articles are listed chronologically, with the most recent publications listed first.

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