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Arrested Terrorism Suspects were Planning Attack in Kosovo

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution said that seven individuals arrested on terrorism charges were planning attacks in Kosovo.

Seven suspects were arrested on November 4 on allegations of violating the Constitutional order and the country’s safety. According to the Special Prosecution the suspects were allegedly affiliated to the terrorist organization the Islamic State, or ISIS, and planning attacks in Kosovo and other countries of the region.

The suspects V.I., L.M., B.B., B.I., K.P., L.V., and L.M., arrested in the regions of Mitrovica, Ferizaj and Prishtina, were placed in custody for one month. According to the Prosecution, one of the suspects allegedly spent time in Syria and participated in ISIS activities.

The Prosecution claims that the suspects acted on the orders of Lavdrim Muhaxheri, the former leader of Albanian ISIS fighters, and planned terrorist attacks in September and October 2016, first in Kosovo and then in other parts of the Balkans.

According to the Prosecution, the suspects were planning to target security institutions, to terrorize the people, destabilize the country, and destroy economic, political and financial structures.

Based on these acts, the prosecution considers that the suspects committed the offense of preparing terrorist attacks in the Republic of Kosovo.

The prosecution claimed that some of the subjects have connections in Albania and Macedonia and releasing them from custody would pose a danger.

Nasuf Hasani, attorney of suspect L.M., told PI that the prosecution started the investigation into his defendant only a few hours before arresting him.

“The prosecution’s claim is absurd because they failed to offer any proof for the preparations for the acts that they mention. The prosecution does not specify the acts committed by my client, whom did he supply, or who did he prepare, or what obstacles he eliminated, or anything else ,” Hasani said.

06/11/2016 - 13:24

06 November 2016 - 13:24

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