Serai: We’re Going to Need Another Souffle

by Catherine Cardwell16/05/2016 - 10:01


A versatile restaurant welcomes diners offering deliciously cooked food and intimacy in central Prishtina.

Serai Wine and Dine is a lovely restaurant just off Nene Tereza Boulevard with a large outdoor eating area and attentive wait staff. It was not overcrowded which was a nice change from many other restaurants in Prishtina. However this could mean that Serai is likely overlooked, which is unfortunate because this was one of the best meals that we have had in the city so far.

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and we chose to sit in the spacious outdoor area in order to enjoy the lovely evening. The large, leafy archway leading to the outside tables and restaurant added a sense of separation from the street. The tables were spaced to award diners with a bit of privacy from one another. The inside had evening mood lighting that provided some intimacy.


Choosing local wine over the imported ones on offer, we were nicely surprised with its dry quality, and its light and fruity notes. The stuffed mushroom starter had a lovely balance of vegetables and cheese, making them absolutely delicious. The sea bass was beautifully cooked and  was served with a house parsley oil and lemon, a combination which perfectly complimented the bass and accentuated its flavor. The fish had an amazing flavor and wonderful crispy skin.

The steak was even better; it was completely devoid of fat, had a lovely pink middle with a crispy exterior and was perfectly seasoned. According to the menu, the chef uses his own own “Serai butter” on the steak, which is possibly what made it so exceptional. The steak was slightly tough and needed to be tenderized a bit more, but that was a very forgivable flaw next to the incredible flavor.

Both meals were served with a variety of well-cooked vegetables, enhancing their natural flavors in a way that many restaurants fail to do. The best part of this meal, however, was the chocolate soufflé with cream and raspberry. The soufflé was served warm and was a bit denser than a traditional soufflé with a very moist center. The cream and raspberry perfectly complimented the rich chocolate flavor. The only downfall of eating this dessert was that I had to share it, but we quickly remedied this tragedy by ordering a second.


Overall, I consider Serai Wine and Dine a fantastic restaurant and I would recommend it to everyone, especially because they are versatile. The place carries an extensive and diverse menu with everything from the dishes we have described to Italian and Thai inspired food. It is a lovely place to go for lunch, drinks or dinner.

16 May 2016 - 10:01



Qamil Hoxha st.


8 am - 12 pm.


Phone: +49 8025 02
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