Tomy’s Waffle: bringing the delights of kumpir to Prishtina

by Urim Krasniqi24/01/2021 - 10:11


Crepes, American pancakes and waffles meet Turkish baked potato dishes at Tomy’s Waffle, a homely new cafe in central Prishtina.

Located in the centre of Prishtina, tucked in behind the Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa, Tomy’s Waffle suits every customer’s needs. Its varied menu is like a roller coaster, starting with sweet deliciousness and ending in a salty kumpir packed with six magic ingredients. 

The location is small, with no more than five tables for customers to sit, but it’s also homely, as the interior is brightened by decorations including witty quotes on the powers of coffee and chocolate.

Photo: Urim Krasniqi/Prishtina Insight.

Whether you are having a late breakfast, or a pre-lunch snack, Tomy’s offers an array of crepes, pancakes and waffles. These are all brought to completion by adding a wide range of toppings, including: Nutella, locally sourced cold press organic peanut butter from Pelini’s, homemade jam, milk and white chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and fresh fruit including strawberries and bananas. 

The finely made American-style pancakes come out an eye-catching golden brown and are drizzled in honey, while the heart-shaped waffles, also topped with nuts, create a picturesque plate.

Photo: Urim Krasniqi/Prishtina Insight.

On the savoury side, Tomy’s offers kumpir, a Turkish fast food take on the humble baked potato. At Tomy’s, the chef handpicks the best local potatoes in order to support Kosovo farmers, before baking them, scooping out the inside and adding butter, spices and cheese while mashing the potato. 

Photo: Urim Krasniqi/Prishtina Insight.

To complete the kumpir, the mash is then returned inside the potato skin and topped with a range of fillings including Olivier salad with homemade mayonnaise, tarator, pickled red cabbage and couscous. If you are paying Tomy’s Waffle a visit for the kumpir, make sure you go around noon, as the long cooking process means they are only served through the afternoon.

Tomy’s Waffle is currently open for business from 10:00-20:00, a schedule that fits the government’s current anti-Covid measures, and also offers a delivery service through the Taprrap app. Prices are not excessive, with plates of waffles, pancakes and crepes running between 3 and 4 euros, while the cheapest kumpir is just 2.30 euros. 

Photo: Urim Krasniqi/Prishtina Insight.

Pardon me, I forgot to mention that Tomy’s also serves Turkish coffee, the perfect finishing touch to an either sweet or savoury meal. Whichever you’re longing for, pay Tomy’s a visit to fulfill your cravings.

24 January 2021 - 10:11

Tommy's waffle


Street Justiniani, 10000, Prishtina


Daily, 10:00-20:00


Phone: 049 226 633

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