Kosovo Police. Photo: BIRN.

Kosovo Police Attacked Again in Serb-Majority North

A Kosovo Police border patrol unit was attacked with firearms on Tuesday in the northern village of Zupce in Zubin Potok.

Kosovo Police have been attacked again in northern Kosovo. In an announcement, Police said the attack was carried out with a firearm. Apart from property damage, no injuries were reported.

In cooperation and coordination with the judiciary, the Police is undertaking investigative actions regarding the case.

“Police units from the Police Station in Zubin Potok came to the scene, which announced that the border unit had been attacked with firearms,” Police said.

The announcement said Police had increased measures in order to ensure the safety of both officers and citizens.

Four other attacks on Kosovo Police have been recorded in the border area with Serbia in the last few days, Minister of Interior Xhelal Sveçla told a press conference on April 15 with Police director Samedin Mehmeti.

“Various groups in the last three days have committed four attacks” in Zubin Potok, a Serb-majority municipality in the north of Kosovo, Sveçla said.

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26 April 2022 - 20:53

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