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Kosovo Police Officers Suspended for Suspected Involvement in Shooting Serb in North

Four Kosovo Police officers suspected of being involved in injuring a person with a firearm in Leposavic on Monday have been suspended.

Kosovo Police have suspended four police officials suspected of involvement in the shooting of a Serb in Leposavic, including one who may have fired the shot.

“The continuous investigations and engagements of police units at the scene, as well as the examination of the provided evidence, have resulted in obtaining evidence that shows suspicions of possible involvement of a police officer in the shooting incident,” the police said.

According to the police, the officer did not report the case or his involvement in it, misleading the police to issue a notice stating that he was not involved in the exchange or shooting with firearms.

Following reports from Serbian media that police officials were involved in the incident, the Police on Tuesday initally denied any involvement in any firing of firearms at any location in the north of Kosovo.

The US embassy in Prishtina called for credible investigations to be carried out.

“The US is concerned about an incident in which a Kosovan Serb was shot in Zvecan/Zveqan last night. Kosovo Police officials and institutions must conduct a thorough, credible investigation. We are deeply concerned by the initial denial made without due diligence,” wrote ambassador Jeffrey Hovenier on Twitter.

The location where the incident happened is between the municipalities of Leposavic and Zveçan.

Serbian media KosovoOnline on Tuesday reported the injured person’s claim that “only Kosovo Special Forces were present during the shooting incident.”

The injured person is being treated at the North Mitrovica hospital, and his life is not in danger, according to the police.

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