Kosovo’s Beloved Hardh Fest Shuts Its Doors on a Spectacular Season

Hardh Fest, the most popular wine grape harvesting festival in Kosovo, closes its curains after a successful season, marking a record number of visitors. 

For another year, the wine capital of Kosovo, Rahovec, gathered citizens from all over Kosovo and other countries to experience the best wines that this region has to offer.

First, second, and third of September were designated as the grape harvesting festival days, and during these days plenty of activities and attractions were organized for visitors.

Vineyard in Rahovec. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

This year’s festival has set a record in terms of the number of wineries exhibiting, while the program has expanded with other activities. 

Tour guide showing tourists the city of Rahovec, riding a tractor. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

A tractor ride, starting from the location where Hardh Fest was held, continued through the vineyards of the region, giving visitors an impression of the richness of Rahovec. The ride continued to three of Rahovec’s tekkes [Dervish prayer centers], a unique building used by this religious community. There, representatives of this faith demonstrated many different traditions that community members perform during various days of the year.

Tour guide showing the tourists a monument in the tekke garden. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

Meanwhile, a number of young volunteers participating in Hardh Fest were learning the art of grape-treading in large barrels, while their parents ensured they captured every moment on their cell phones.

Kids taking part in the grape-treading competition. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

During these three sunny days, many public figures also visited Hardh Fest, including PM Albin Kurti, President Vjosa Osmani, and many members of the Kosovo Assembly.

Bicycle competition around the vineyards. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

“Touch the grapes, savor the wine” was this year’s festival motto.

This year, a literary hour was also organized in memory of the Kosovar-Mexican poet, Xhevdet Bajraj, who had also been the godfather of Hardh Fest.

Literary hour organized in honour of Xhevdet Bajraj, the renown poet of Rahovec origins. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

“I feel very fortunate to have known such a great poet personally. This is not usually the case because we typically know great artists through their works, but when you have the chance to hear and touch them directly, the impressions are much greater, especially when it comes to Xhevdet,” said PM Kurti, who participated in the literary hour.

Kids taking part in the grape-treading competition. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

“I can’t wait until the next time the festival takes place,” said one of the visitors to Prishtina Insight, happy about the experience.

This is the 22st edition of the festival, and one of the greatest so far.

Vineyard in Rahovec. Photo courtesy of Hardh Fest.

The grape harvesting festival, “Hardh Fest,” has been organized since 2001. Initially organized by local associations, it has since evolved into a traditional festival at the national level, marking the beginning of the grape harvest by the vine growers.


07 September 2023 - 16:12

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