‘Vetevendosje’ returns to the Assembly

The parliamentary group of the ‘Vetevendosje’ Movement will come back to the Parliament after three months of boycotting it.

Vetevendosje has decided to return to the parliament to oppose the founding of the Association of Serbian Municipalities and the ratification of the current agreement for demarcation of the border with Montenegro, the party president announced yesterday.

Visar Ymeri, head of the Vetevendosje (Self-Determination) movement, said that any attempt to revive these two harmful projects will restore Vetevendosje’s objection to twice its power.

“Any attempt of the regime to revive these projects that are harmful for the country, the founding of ‘Zajednica’ and the ratification of the current agreement for demarcation of the border with Montenegro, will restore our objection [in a manner] twice as powerful and will render the institutional life of the country dysfunctional,” said Ymeri.

Meanwhile the head of the Parliamentary Group of Vetevendosje, Glauk Konjufca, in an interview for BIRN explained the reasons of this opposition subject’s return to the Parliament.

“Boycotting the parliament has started to become counterproductive,” said Konjufca. “By not having protests outside and not being in the parliament, I think we’re creating a comfortable space for the ruling coalition to push for the decisions without opposition pressure and without opposition oversight,” said Konjufca.

Konjufca warned of actions more radical than using teargas if the agreements for the Association of the Serbian Municipalities and for determining the border line with Montenegro go to the parliament.

“If the ruling coalition tries to smuggle these two agreements into the session like contraband for discussion before the Kosovo Parliament, then we will guarantee that we will become even more radicalized compared to last September,” said Konjufca.

However, Konjufca didn’t elaborate on any of the radical methods that Vetevendosje might use.

Konjufca also spoke about the declarations of a few MPs in the parties in power that have warned that they will vote against the demarcation.

“I’m not insisting, these declarations are definitely relative until the last day. Depends on the person, what kind of personal integrity they have, what kind of dignity they have and the kind of independence he/she has in relation with his/her leader and the party structures that could apply pressure to accept decisions despite his/her will,” declared Konjufca.

The demarcation deal, as an international agreement, has to be ratified in the parliament with two thirds of the votes.

07/06/2016 - 16:48

07 June 2016 - 16:48

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