Judge Tread

Corner shop is my autonomous zone in the matrix of mainstream media where we can comment through the apparent and the implicit about Kosovo and beyond.

In today’s Corner Shop we’ll be tapping on the problem of our laws and the law of our problem, namely that of power as wealth: a system devised by our greed and preservation at the expense of a selfless humanity working as one.

I’ve heard it said that if you live by the rules of the jungle, you’ll die by the rules of the jungle. Which brings us to the exact and recent fate of our Judge Kalludra: an enforcer of punitive measures according to a legal framework designed to protect a ruling elite.

What we saw in last week’s en masse failure to appear in a court of law seems to be the improper yet  accurate grimace of our “rule of law” – an idea that Law rather than Power should rule a Nation. However, because in Kosovo rule of law clearly means the rule of the powerful, they’re one and the same. Put simply, the Law is whatever the powerful do. Therefore, when Xhavit Haliti tells our presiding Judge to stop taking the law into his own hands and most probably recalls his herald for failing to send the dreaming Chairman the message, we can’t help but take pleasure in this above-the-law authority. Punishment for a misdemeanour given by a master to his agent of exploitation.

We aren’t here to comment on the good the bad and the ugly, but for a simple observation: any party which would repudiate not only all belief in the laws, but in the powerful as well, would have the whole people behind it. Yet no such party can come into existence for nobody would dare truly repudiate the elite, this sole visible and indubitable law imposed upon us.


25 April 2017 - 13:40

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