Tour a Kosovo wool processing factory in 360

Mini-factories for wool processing, characteristic of the Dukagjini region, as seen through Kallxo’s 360-degree video technology.

In the Dukagjini region, particularly in Junik, you would see a number of wool processing workplaces as you walked alongside the Erenik River. As you continued along the river, you would come across the valavica. Although from the outside it looked like a simple mill, in fact it was a mini-factory that specialized in the process of wool and different textiles.

The water from the river was used to power a hydro-power mill, used to process and soften the wool. Around 7 of these mini-factories were constructed in Junik, and they were responsible for the production of wool supplying the entire Dukagjini region.

This was not the only purpose the mini-factories were used for. They also had room for assemblies and events, and this role as a place of gathering means that the factory spaces hold significant importance in Albanian cultural heritage.

However, during the Kosovo War, these factories were set on fire and destroyed by Serbian Police, military and guerrilla forces. This particular valavica was rebuilt with the support of the EU, but remains to be the only wool processing factory to be newly constructed following the end of the war.

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22/11/2017 - 21:22

22 November 2017 - 21:22

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