FROM THE ARCHIVES: Kosovar police officers secure the building of the municipality in Leposavic, Kosovo, 27 May 2023. Photo: EPA-EFE/GEORGI LICOVSKI

A Kosovo Police Officer Killed, Another Wounded in North Attack

A Kosovo Police officer was killed, another was wounded, and a third was injured in an attack by organized and armed groups in a village in the north of Kosovo, according to the Kosovo Police.

In the early hours of Sunday, around 3:00 am  one Kosovo Police officer was killed, and another was wounded in an attack in Banjske, near the northern town of Zveçan, as confirmed by Kosovo Police.

“The attackers are well-armed professionals wearing masks,” Kosovo PM, Albin Kurti, wrote on Facebook, noting that the attack was still ongoing at the time he posted the announcement, which was around 7:30 am.

“We condemn this criminal and terrorist attack. Organized crime with political, financial and logistical support from official Belgrade is attacking our country,” said Kurti on Sunday.

According to Kurti, the deceased officer held a sergeant rank in the regular police force, while the injured one is a member of the border police.


“In this battle we protect and enforce the law, protect and preserve all citizens without distinction and independent Kosovo. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo and state institutions are ready and coordinated to respond to this crime and criminals, terrorism, and terrorists,” he wrote.

Kosovo Police reported that around 02:34 am on Sunday, during patrol, the Rapid Response Unit of the border police noticed that at the entrance of the village of Bajnskë, two heavy vehicles [without license plates] had been placed, effectively blocking access to the village through the bridge.

Subsequently, three units of the Police were dispatched towards the bridge, and as soon as they arrived, the Police reported that they were attacked from various positions with an arsenal of weapons, including hand grenades and explosives.

Additionally, the Kosovo Police has informed that all relevant units according to their profiles have been activated in the field, and according to the Police, they are being sporadically fired upon with firearms by organized and armed groups, Police announced.

The Police Confirmed that one Kosovo police officer has been killed, another one wounded, and a third was injured, during this attack. 

Kosovo president, Vjosa Osmani, said that the attack in the north of Kosovo was planned, orchestrated and executed by Serbian criminal gangs. “[It is] an attack on law and order in the north of the country, it is an attack on Kosovo,” said Osmani.

”These attacks prove once again the destabilizing power of criminal gangs, organized by Serbia, which for a long time, as has been proven with the attacks on KFOR members, journalists and citizens, are aiming to destabilize Kosovo and the region,” osmani added. 

“Besides strongly condemning Serbia’s blatant aggression against Kosovo, I expect our allies to support Kosovo in its efforts to establish law and order and preserve sovereignty throughout the Republic of Kosovo,” Osmani added.

Kosovo Assembly Spokesperson, Glauk Konjufca, said that this is a direct attack on the constitutional order of Kosovo. 

Kosovo opposition leaders also condemned the attack. 

As a consequence, the border crossing point in Bernjak closed on Sunday morning. 

The Kosovo Security Council will meet on 10:00, PM Kurti announced. 

“Strongly condemn the orchestrated, violent attacks on the Kosovo Police. KP has full and legitimate responsibility for enforcing the rule of law in Kosovo. The perpetrators must and will be held accountable and brought to justice. I express condolences on behalf of the United States to the family following the death of the Kosovo Police Sergeant killed in the line of duty,” said the US Ambassador, Jeffrey Hovenier, on Sunday.

This is the second case of a Kosovo Police officer killed in the North. In 2011, Kosovo Police officer Enver Zymberi was killed in the North a day after the government of Kosovo imposed trade sanctions on products made in Serbia.

Also, in June of this year, Serbia kidnapped and arrested three Kosovo police officers within Kosovo’s territory.

The article was edited on Sunday, 10:55, to correct for the municipality where the attack happened. Instead of Leposavic, it was corrected to Zvecan.

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