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BIRN’s Adelina Ahmeti Awarded for Web Story of the Year

Adelina Ahmeti was awarded for her series of reports on suspicions of nepotism surrounding the Chief Prosecutor of Gjakova.

BIRN journalist Adelina Ahmeti was awarded for the best web story of the year by the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, AJK, on Wednesday, at the Annual Journalism Awards ceremony.

Ahmeti won the coveted award with a series of reports, “Suspicions that the Gjakova head prosecutor distributed the test questions for professional associates (series of reports)”, published on July 13, 2022.

After receiving the award, she said that not only the former chief prosecutor of Gjakova, Ramiz Buzhala, but every citizen who reported their cases to BIRN, were treated very seriously.

“Buzhala’s case shows how many state institutions entered into or work with nepotism, and that many other people are not allowed to work on merit,” she said, adding that this award should raise awareness of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, KPC.

A day after BIRN published the video in which Buzhala allegedly leaked the test questions to professional associates, the KPK suspended him from work, on July 14 2022.

The KPC canceled the recruitment of professional associates in the prosecution offices of Gjakova/Djakovica, Peja/Pec and Prizren after BIRN reported that Buzhala had leaked the questions.

“The KPC expresses deep concern regarding suspicions raised in the media about the distribution of test questions for professional associates by the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Gjakova, Ramiz Buzhala,” the KPC said.

“The acting General Director of the Secretariat of the Prosecutorial Council of Kosovo publicly announces that the competition for the recruitment of professional associates for the Basic Prosecutors’ offices in Gjakova, Peja and Prizren will be canceled in its entirety, returning it to point zero,” the announcement added.

Buzhala sent the test questions to BIRN’s Adelina Ahmeti, apparently by mistake.

“Questions: continuation of detention measures for minors; who directs the performance unit; complementary punishment; alternative procedures; difference between parole and conditional sentence … purpose of diversity measures; bail,” the message read.

Addressing an unknown individual, presumably supposed to receive these questions, Buzhala added: “Written test. Use the time up to 13:00.”

BIRN found out the questions were for the written test held that day at the Ministry of Justice.

After sending the question topics to BIRN, Buzhala called the journalist, insisting: “It was a mistake.”

When BIRN told Buzhala that he had sent the questions, and asked who was supposed to receive them, he asked for “understanding” , saying: “I didn’t address them to anyone in particular”. He then hung up.

Candidates for prosecution posts in Gjakova/Djakovica, Peja/Pec and Prizren who took the test that Wednesday confirmed to BIRN that the actual questions were similar to those Buzhala sent the BIRN journalist.

After BIRN contacted the acting Chief State Prosecutor, Besim Kelmendi, the recruitment process was cancelled.

Buzhala has not since responded to BIRN after he hung up the phone the first time.

At the AJK ceremony, the Journalist of the Year Award was won by Saranda Ramaj from the KOHA group. The best TV Story of the year went to journalist Qëndresa Tërshani from Klan Kosova, the cameraman of the year went to Korab Basha and Burim Mjeku from the Telegrafi portal. 

Journalism Award for Women’s Empowerment went to Riola Morina and Medinë Dauti. Best Story from Sports went to Dardan Idrizi from RTV Dukagjini.

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08 December 2022 - 20:01

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