In photos: Kosovo holds its third Pride Parade

Armed with balloons, confetti cannons and rainbow-colored smoke flares, participants in Kosovo’s third Pride Parade danced down Prishtina’s main boulevard on Thursday to celebrate LGBTI pride.

Prishtina held its third annual LGBTI Pride Parade on Thursday, with a procession of thousands of people walking behind a banner reading ‘Per kon t’rreh zemra’ or ‘Whomever your heart beats for.’ 

Participants in the parade gathered at Skenderbeg Square, with the parade kicking off to the sound of Queen’s song ‘I want to break free.’ Waving flags, blowing whistles and popping confetti cannons, the procession made its way down Mother Theresa Boulevard in the center of Prishtina, ending at Zahir Pajaziti Square.

“Together, we have gathered for the third year, and despite all of the challenges we have faced, we stand up with pride,” said LGBTI activist Lendi Mustafa, who addressed the crowd at Zahir Pajaziti Square. 

“Our hearts beat for all of you have been thrown out of their homes and pushed away from their families. Our heart beats for the transgender people who have been denied their gender identity, for the women who are resisting a patriarchal society, and for the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities who think no one can see them — we are behind them, and we are stronger together,” he continued. 

“Our hearts beat for justice, equality and love,” Mustafa concluded.


10 October 2019 - 15:01

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