Journalist helps to pay the bills

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating financial issues for people across Kosovo, Peja based journalist Adnan Hysenaj turned his attention to families struggling to pay rent.

In March and April last year, when the entire world, including Kosovo, was facing a public health and economic crisis, journalist Adnan Hysenaj decided to add a charitable dimension to his outlet’s work. 

During the lockdown, many people had lost their jobs and had no financial income, with citizens living in rented accommodation facing the biggest challenges. 

Through his Facebook page Gazetari i Pejës (Journalist of Peja), Hysenaj sought support for those in need and his fundraising managed to help over 12 families in the city of Peja and the surrounding area pay their rent.

Peja based journalist Adnan Hysenaj. Photo: Facebook of Adnan Hysenaj.

“During the pandemic, our Facebook page took a different turn due to citizens’ requests for help,” Hysenaj told BIRN. “The pandemic created many difficulties, and many people lost their jobs”.

Hysenaj outlined to BIRN the reason he decided to become a bridge between the charitable and those in need. “If this had happened to me, I would have asked for help,” he said.

In one case, the page even managed to raise enough money to buy a property outright for a family that was struggling financially. 

“A family with three small children was evicted from their apartment and left outside for two nights,” Hysenaj said. “I published the news, we asked for help, and within three days the apartment was bought for that family.”

This series of articles for BIRN is supported by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

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20 May 2021 - 13:54

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