Kallxo.com crew attacked in Kline e Eperme village. Photo: Kallxo.com

Kallxo.com crew attacked while reporting about initiative of building a new church

A suspect has been interrogated on Monday after he attacked and insulted a Kallxo.com crew while they were reporting on an initiative to build a Catholic church in Kline e Eperme village of Skenderaj/Srbica.

A Kallxo.com crew of journalist Adelina Ahmeti and cameraman Jetmir Hoxha was attacked on Monday by a resident of a village in the center of Kosovo’s municipality of Skenderaj/Srbica.

The Kallxo.com crew was there to report on an issue which arose recently on an initiative to build a Catholic church in Kline e Eperme, a village in the Skenderaj/Srbica municipality.

The idea for building the church came from Ndreke Kelmendi. Kelmendi asserts that a church had existed before at the same location, but his proposal for a new church has encountered resistance among several Kline e Eperme villagers who claim that the land for the church is privately owned.

The incident occurred when Kallxo.com crew went to Ndreke Kelemndi’s house to interview him about the church issue. Moments after the crew reached Kelmendi’s house, his brother, Mustafe Hasani, confronted the crew for several minutes using vehemently insulting, threatening and profane language.

“I swear to God that you will be in trouble,” Hasani repeatedly threatened the Kallxo.com crew.

The Kallxo.com crew reported the incident to police and has learned that the suspect is already being questioned by the police at the Skenderaj/Srbica police station.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo, AJK, has condemned the threats against Kallxo.com crew, saying, “any attack against journalists is an attack on free speech and democracy”.

“AJK is concerned on the threats toward Kallxo.com colleagues and calls on police to address the case with priority,” AJK said.

“We condemn any form of threats against journalists, cameraman and media workers and call on relevant institutions to put justice in place on all threats and attacks on media,” added AJK.

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27 February 2024 - 08:08

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