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Kosovo Press Council Updates Code of Ethics to Combat AI Risks

Kosovo’s Press Council has added new rules to its code of ethics for journalists that aim to promote the responsible use of artificial intelligence by the media, while also warning of the risks of AI-driven disinformation.

The Press Council of Kosovo, PCK said on Tuesday that the new amendments to its code of ethics are intended to foster “responsible use of AI in the media”, which includes “respecting individual liberties, transparency and the fight against discrimination”.

The PCK warned that the increasing use and further development of AI increases the risks posed by fake news, privacy violations, misinformation and discrimination caused by algorithmic favouritism.

It said that the new rules in its code of ethics say that AI should be used responsibly, respecting “the principles of personal data protection, information security and non-discrimination”. Copyright and other intellectual property rights must also be respected, it added.

Readers must be informed about any use of AI, “noting in which segment and what type of artificial intelligence is used and how it works”, the PCK said.

Readers also be enabled to communicate with a real person at a media outlet if they want to challenge the use of AI in any way, it added.

“The media and journalists should take into account that the use of AI is an opportunity, but that carries responsibility,” the PCK said in a statement.

A BIRN report in March 2023 concluded that Western Balkan countries need to catch up with developed nations in creating legal, technological and industrial frameworks and capacities for utilising AI.

Although the region’s governments have made some inroads by adopting regulations and strategies on the use of AI, implementation has been limited.

20/02/2024 - 16:19

20 February 2024 - 16:19

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