Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani. Photo: BIRN

President Osmani Appeals to EU to Honor Agreement and Address Serbia’s Violations

Kosovo's President, Vjosa Osmani, has said the European Union should not demand from Kosovo to implement measures that were not explicitly outlined in the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

President Vjosa Osmani emphasized that the EU should only require Kosovo to implement what was agreed upon in the letter of agreement. She stated that Kosovo should not be asked to undertake actions that are not part of the agreed terms.

“We expect the EU to demand the implementation of only what we have agreed on and not to ask for things that are not in the agreement. We are still waiting for the EU to clearly address Serbia’s violations. So far, we have not seen any action,” President Osmani stated during a press conference on Tuesday.

President Osmani further highlighted that no statements have been issued regarding the numerous violations of the 2011 agreements or the blatant violations committed by Serbia under the Ohrid and Brussels agreements.

In the same conference, Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, expressed that Article 7 of the Brussels agreement, which pertains to the self-management/association of the Serbian community, “is a part of the agreement, but it does not constitute the entire agreement.”

Prime Minister Kurti said that this position was also reiterated on Monday, during a meeting held in Brussels between Serbian chief negotiator, Petar Petkovic, and Kosovo Deputy PM, Besnik Bislimi.

“Our interest lies in the complete and immediate implementation of the agreement without any conditions or delays. The issue lies with the other side, which wants us to solely focus on Article 7, instead of addressing the 5 points in the preamble and the 10 in the main body of the agreement,” PM Kurti stated.

A new round of dialogue took place in Brussels on Monday between the chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia, mediated by the European Union. The meeting centered around the implementation of the February 27 Agreement, with further discussions planned, as confirmed by the European Union’s representative for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak.

“We discussed the way forward on the implementation of the 27 February Agreement and aimed to clarify open questions. Discussions will continue”, tweeted Lajcak on Monday.

On May 2, the political leaders of Kosovo and Serbia agreed on a joint declaration concerning the missing individuals from the last war in Kosovo, and the Management Team presented the initial draft of the statute for the Association of Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo.

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