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Press Council of Kosovo Dismisses RTK Board’s Complaint against Kallxo

Kallxo media outlet has won the case against the Board of Kosovo national broadcaster in the Press Council of Kosovo regarding a complaint this broadcaster made against a news article.

Press Council of Kosovo, PCK, has rejected the complaint made by the Radio and Television Board of Kosovo, RTK, against regarding an article published on May 1.

The Board’s complaint was to a news article related to the writing of a communique by the Independent Trade Union of RTK, expressing concerns about the rights of RTK workers on International Labor Day.

The Press Council, in its decision on June 7, dismissed the allegations made by the Board of RTK, considering them unfounded.

Council justified its decision by stating that the article provided evidence, including a video, that an activity [workshop], had taken place outside Prishtina. Additionally, the Council stated that did not violate any rules by publishing the Union’s communique.

“On International Labour Day, May 1, RTK workers go without wages, while the Board and Management find time and finances to stay a few days in one of the luxurious hotels of Rugova Mountains. The salary from RTK for most of the workers is the only source of financial income, and it is disturbing that none of the RTK leaders address why they have not been paid yet,” it was written in this communique, which was part of the disputed article.

Besnik Boletini, the President of the RTK Board, expressed that the complaint was filed with the intention of promoting professionalism and objectivity in journalism.

Boletini in a response for BIRN further said that citizens should be encouraged to send complaints to PCK when they believe that a media outlet has not reported accurately according to the code of ethics.

Also, last year, the Director of RTK, Shkumbin Ahmetxhekaj, and his former deputy, Arsim Halili, had lost the battle in the PCK.

They filed complaints claiming that 12 media outlets had violated the Code of Ethics when reporting on investigative actions of the prosecution against the leaders of RTK.

The Independent Trade Union of RTK had reported about Ahmetxhekaj, accusing him of interfering with justice.

The complaint stated that shortly after Ahmetxhekaj was appointed as Acting Director of RTK, he withdrew RTK’s lawsuit against Arsim Halili in the Court of Appeal and then appointed Halili as Deputy Director.

The Independent Trade Union of RTK had reported Ahmetxhekaj, accusing him of interfering with justice. considered Ahmetxhekaj’s complaint to be a SLAPP [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation] complaint, aimed at intimidating the media in their reporting on an ongoing investigative process involving public and independent institutions such as the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Ahmetxhekaj had also filed a complaint against all other media outlets that reported the statement of the Independent Trade Union of RTK.

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03 July 2023 - 15:05

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