View the Prekaz Memorial in 360

The Prekaz memorial site as shown through Kallxo’s 360-degree video technology.

The life of Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, commander Adem Jashari and his family have been remembered through the Prekaz Memorial site, an area spanning a few hectares that is also the site where he and his family became victims of the attack on Prekaz, from 5-7 March 1998.

59 victims, including women and children, died in the massacre. Following the end of the battle, the artifacts left behind have been preserved in a museum on the site dedicated to the Jashari family, where evidence of the gunfire can still be seen on the walls of the family’s homes and inside the rooms that are still left standing.

Some of the artifacts include Adem Jashari’s gun, children’s toys, a flour barrel, and various other small items that survived the attack from the Serbian forces.

*Please choose closed captions to view the 360 video in English.

Featured image: “Donji Prekaz Kosova” (CC BY 2.0) by Dave Proffer

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