Tour the Ulpiana Archaeological Park in 360

Ulpiana's archeological excavation site, as seen through Kallxo’s 360-degree video technology.

The ancient city of Ulpiana is located 12km southeast of Prishtina. Its history dates back to the Neolithic, bronze and iron ages, and the discoveries that have been made in this location mean that Ulpiana holds incredible importance as a contribution to Kosovo’s cultural heritage.

Ulpiana was founded during the reign of the Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus, in the years 98-117 B.C. However, the main development of its infrastructure and civilisation began in the 3rd and 4th centuries, and as a result the city became known an Municipum Ulpiana Splendissima, or Ulpiana – the Great City.

Ruins have been discovered in Ulpiana that shed some light on the daily life of those that lived there more than 500 years ago. Not only had the city’s founders constructed a well-developed road system, but also an entirely functional water supply, living corridors and public buildings.

However, an earthquake in the year 518 resulted in heavy damage to the city. The archaeological data uncovered explains that the city was rebuilt by Emperor Justinian, in the 6th century. Of particular note is the construction of the famous crossroads near Ulpiania, which joined the via Lissus-Naisses, the road Lezha-Nish, and the road to Scupi, or Skopje.

The archaeological park can be found in the Municipality of Gracanica, with a perimeter of 161.10 hectares, as well as a surrounding zone of 96.23 hectares. The excavations in the area being carried out by archaeologists are still ongoing. There is further work being done to determine the connection between the discoveries made in Ulpiana, and similar archaeological findings in locations of the same era, still to be determined.  

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21/11/2017 - 21:26

21 November 2017 - 21:26

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