(From the left) Behar Mustafa, journalist at BIRN, Tomáš Szunyog, EU Ambassador to Kosovo, Valon Fana, journalist at BIRN. Photo courtesy of Association of Journalists of Kosovo.

Two Kallxo Journalists Win Award for Best TV Stories of the Year

BIRN journalists have been honored with annual journalism awards.

Journalists Behar Mustafa and Valon Fana of Kallxo.com were awarded for the “Best TV Story of the Year” by the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, AJK, on Tuesday.

They received recognition for their insightful investigation on corruption in Brezovica and the lack of investment in the Trepça mine.

Upon receiving the awards, the journalists shared insights into their work during the investigation.

“We still have a lot of work to do in ‘Brezovica’; we have continued with the report on everything that is happening in this process,” said journalist Mustafa.

“In September, we met the miners, witnessed their challenges, and saw the neglect of the enterprise. We summarized the situation and presented it,” added journalist Fana.

Journalist Behar Mustafa’s “Corruption File, Brezovica” is a investigation series that exposes how owners of large businesses in Kosovo are suspected of giving bribes in the hundreds of thousands.

This TV story illustrates how corruption unfolded in Kosovo, specifically in the area of Brezovica, in the municipality of Shtërpcë.

The investigative reporting includes continuous raids and actions by the Kosovo Police, in collaboration with other competent bodies. The investigation also highlights the role played by Millan Radoicic in the case, along with exclusive footage of his escape from the Kosovo Police.

Mustafa’s three-year-long investigation revealed the discovery of money-filled bunkers in the homes of individuals holding official positions in the country’s local institutions. It exposed how even geographic names were manipulated for the benefit of certain individuals.

Meanwhile, Valon Fana’s “Trepça in Kurti’s Government” investigation reveals how the metallurgical giant Trepça, once present throughout the entire Western Balkans, now faces a lack of investment from the state of Kosovo.

The report showcases the obsolete machines and the difficulty in production due to a lack of spare parts. Fana also brought to the public’s attention the stories of miners working hundreds of meters below the earth’s surface, facing a lack of basic working conditions.

Other categories of awards distributed by AGK included the Journalist of the Year, won by Vullnet Krasniqi from the newspaper Nacionale, and Alberta Hashani from the show Betimi per Drejtesi.

Aulonë Kadriu from Kosovo 2.0 won the award for the Best Web Story of the Year, while Arben Hoti from Radio Free Europe was awarded the Best Cameraman of the Year.

Journalism for Women’s Empowerment award went to Dardan Hoti and Aulonë Kadriu from Kosovo 2.0. Vjosa Çerkini received the award for the Best Reporting from Sports, and Besarta Hoti from Nacionale and Herolind Ademi from Klan Kosova won awards for the Best Reporting on Anti-Gypsyism. Saranda Ramaj from Grupi Koha received the award for the Best Reporting on Health.

12/12/2023 - 16:33

12 December 2023 - 16:33

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