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After BIRN’s Investigation, Member of Ruling Party Arrested by Police

The Special Prosecutor's Office of Kosovo has arrested the CEO of the public enterprise "Ibër Lepenci'' from the ranks of the ruling party Vetevendosje, Faruk Mujka, together with the former director of cadastre, on suspicion of abuse of office after an investigation conducted by BIRN in April 2022.

On Friday, through an anti-corruption operation, the police special forces raided two locations against two suspects, one of them the CEO of the public enterprise Ibër-Lepenci, Faruk Mujka, and the former director of Cadastre in the Municipality of South Mitrovica, Hysen Muzliukaj, and arrested both for corruption and abuse of power.

According to the announcement of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, 60,000 euros were found and seized in one location.

The case is related to the time when Mujka held the position of deputy mayor of the Municipality of South Mitrovica in 2017.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, F.M and H.M as officials used their duties for the purpose of financial gain.

“The Special Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kosovo in connection with this case informs the public opinion that in May 2022 it received information regarding the suspicions of misuse of official position and authority by two persons, at that time part of the leading structures in the municipality of Mitrovica South,” was stated in the announcement.

On April 18, 2022, in the “Kallxo Përnime” show, an investigation was broadcast on how the municipality of Mitrovica, when it was led by Agim Bahtiri, decided to turn a reading room of a library in Mitrovica into a cafeteria.

In 2017, by the decision of the board of directors of the Municipality of South Mitrovica, the City Library was moved from the “Bankos” facility to be located in a sports center in Mitrovica.

The space of 139 square meters on the ground floor of the “Bankos” building in Mitrovica square was passed from state property to private property.

KallxoPernime had found that the executive of the municipality of South Mitrovica, through the cadastre directorate, had requested the Municipal Assembly to vote on this decision, which was voted unanimously.

The criminal legislation in force provides that the punishment for this criminal offense ranges from 1 year to 8 years of imprisonment. And when the amount of the benefit exceeds the amount of 5.000 euros, the minimum sentence is 3 years, and the maximum is 10 years.

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14 July 2023 - 15:18

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