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Femicide Case Raises Questions about Security of Women in Kosovo

A femicide case that occurred last Wednesday has shocked the Kosovar public and raised questions about the safety of women in the country.

The murder of a woman, in what initially appeared to be a robbery, but was later revealed as a plan prepared by her suspected husband, left the public in shock for its terrifying scenario.

Liridona Ademaj, the victim, was in the car with her husband and two kids when she was shot to death. Her husband initially reported to the police that robbers had stopped their car in the middle of the street somewhere in the periphery of Prishtina and asked for their valuables. As Liridona refused to give them her bag, they shot her, according to what her husband reported to the police.

The police later arrested the husband, suspecting his participation in the murder of the 30-year-old woman. Two other men were arrested, one of them a member of the Kosovo Security Force. 

The suspect, Naim Murseli, was a political advisor to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Behxhet Pacolli, and presented himself as a well-connected man, sharing photos on his social media with different political figures, including Edi Rama, Hashim Thaci, and Behxhet Pacolli.

According to the dossier of the Prosecution, a few hours before Liridona Ademaj was killed, her husband, the suspect Naim Murseli, had met with the other suspect, the member of Kosovo Security Force, Kushtrim Kokalla, telling him “this work must be done today,” alluding to Ademaj’s murder.

According to the Prosecution, the meeting took place in Gjakova at 9:30 in the morning. This meeting was the result of a prior meeting about a week before the critical night, where Murseli had told Kokalla about “the marital problems that he is having with the now-deceased.”

“Kokalla had tried to solve Murseli’s problem by saying ‘I solved this matter,'” the file states. Kokalla then put Murseli in contact with Granit Plava, the suspected shooter. Plava had introduced himself as a man who ‘deals with everything.’

According to the file, Naim Murseli equipped Plava with a weapon and staged a robbery, which took place on Wednesday, November 29, at around 8:25 p.m. on “Dalip Alshiqi” street.

“Liridona Ademaj was killed with premeditation. She was killed because she was a woman,” declared PM Albin Kurti. Kurti wrote on Facebook that women and girls continue to be killed, “while oppressive patriarchal norms are still widespread.”

A protest was called in Prishtina under the motto “There is no peace without the security of girls” in reaction to the murder of Liridona Ademaj. A similar protest took place in Tirana, gathering tens of citizens against femicide.

The court has issued one month of detention for the three suspects.

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04 December 2023 - 14:28

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