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Government Launches Youth Employment Platform

The newly launched Platform for Youth Employment in Kosovo plans to open about 10,000 jobs for young people who will receive a salary for six months from the state.

Today the piloting of the Youth Employment scheme has been launched. Through the platform, young people will be able to work for six months, which will enable them to build up the experience they need to find a stable job.

Finance Minister Hekuran Murati, at the launch of the platform that guarantees employment schemes for young people, called Super Puna, on Monday said that it intends to create 10,000 jobs through the platform.

Young people will be “employed for six months [in different public and private companies] and will receive a salary from the state. After six months they can find a job from this experience,” said Murati.

The salary for the young workers will be 264 euros a month, the same as the new minimum wage set by the government that is still waiting to be passed in parliament.

Murati said the employment of young people will be done through an automated and integrated platform in cooperation with the relevant government agencies such as the State Technological Information Agency, the Kosovo Tax Agency and the Business Registration Agency.

The platform will be online and accessible to businesses in need of workers, as well as to youngsters in need of work.

Participants at this event included Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Switzerland’s ambassador to Kosovo, Thomas Kolly.

Kurti said the launch of the platform for young people is the realization of the government’s promise to support young people. “We are building a new workforce for development,” he said.

Investing in youth has been one of the main priorities of the Kurti government.

06/02/2023 - 13:04

06 February 2023 - 13:04

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