Qendron Kastrati. | Photo courtesy of the Kamenica Municipality.

Kamenica Mayor becomes second to respect gender equality law

Six of the 11 municipal directors appointed by Kamenica Mayor Qendron Kastrati are women, making Kamenica one of two municipalities in Kosovo respecting the Law on Gender Equality.

First-time Mayor Qendron Kastrati has appointed a predominantly female cabinet.

During last year’s electoral campaign for municipal elections, Kastrati promised that he would respect the Law on Gender Equality and maintain a gender balance among the directors in his municipality. The only other Kosovo municipality that has 50 per cent women directors is Drenas.

“It wasn’t just a promise, but the women were the most fitting candidates for the Municipality of Kamenica,” Kastrati said, announcing his deputy mayors and directors.

In a Facebook status, Kastrati wrote that the new government will bring positive change regarding the development of the municipality and stated that they have been continuously working to fulfill this aim.

Brikene Ramabaja has been appointed director of the general administration; Ismete Thaci, director of education; Nexhmedin Bislimi, director of economy, budget and finance; Arta Gashi, director of urbanism and spatial planning; Krenare Mavriqi, director of cadaster, geodesy and ownership; and Dritan Maliqi, director of healthcare and social welfare.

Ramadan Basha was appointed director of public services and inspectorate; Arianit Ibrahimi, director for culture, youth and sports; Pajtesa Kryeziu, director of defense and rescue; Naim Arifi, director for agriculture, forestry and rural development; and Majlinda Krasniqi, director of economic development and diaspora.

“Considering that the position of municipal director entails important responsibilities for fulfilling our mission, we took the selection very seriously. The men and women who will sit on this chair will have a big responsibility to offer citizens the best services and answer their requests and needs,” Kastrati wrote.

Kastrati said that the decision to name the current directors came after a selection process that emphasized a high standard of professionists with integrity and the will for change.

“We consulted various groups to ensure that we are making the right selection,” Kastrati concluded.

23/02/2018 - 16:54

23 February 2018 - 16:54

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