Kosovo Judicial Council Reduces Salary of Judge after BIRN Report

Kosovo Judicial Council, has imposed a disciplinary measure on the judge of the Basic Court in Gjakova, Afijete Sada Gllogjani, reducing her salary by 40 per cent for 4 months. It also issued a public warning for violations of the law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges and Prosecutors.

Kosovo Judicial Council, KJC, reduced the salary of judge Afijete Sada Gllogjani, because she delayed the compilation of a decision for a security measure, which was discovered only after BIRN requested access to the documents on the case, in December 2022.

Afijete Sada Gllogjani had caused delays of one year in the compilation of a decision related to a civil case tried at the Basic Court in Gjakova. The plaintiff with the initials V. B. filed a lawsuit for the appointment of a temporary security measure against the defendant with the initials D. I. 

The matter in question was verified after BIRN requested details from the Basic Court in Gjakova in December 2022 while doing a report on the cas.

“After looking at the documents of the case, we noticed that the judge, Afijete Sada Gllogjani, delayed the decision-making on the security measure. The case has been registered as a disciplinary procedure and we have sent it to the KJC”,  the spokesperson of the Court, Lekë Muqaj, told BIRN in December 2022.

The last court session of the case was held on December 13, 2021, so it took the judge a year to rule on the case. 

“The case has been registered as a disciplinary procedure and we have sent it to the Kosovo Judicial Council”,  Muqaj had added further at that time.

Sada Gllogjani has even been in two other disciplinary procedures and for that the KJC had decided to combine the investigations into one case.

“On the basis of the circumstances highlighted above and ascertained at the hearing, the Council finds the behavior of Judge Afijete Sada Gllogjani is a violation of the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges and Prosecutors”,  reads the decision of the KJC, issued on February and published on Thursday.

Based on the findings, the KJC decided to impose a 40 per cent salary reduction to Gllogjani, for four months. On top ot it, the KJC issued a public notice.

The KJC has assessed that the adequate measure for Judge Sada’s violations is a 40 per cent salary reduction for 4 months, as well as a written public notice. According to the KJC, the salary was reduced for 4 months because the judge will retire in July 2023.

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