Photo taken from the video released by the Interior Minister, Xhelal Svecla, claiming the person in focus is Milan Radoicic.

Milan Radoicic Arrested by Serbian Police Over North Attack

Former vice-president of Kosovo's largest Serbian party, Serbian List, Milan Radoicic, has been arrested by Serbian authorities, following his admission of involvement in the terrorist attack that occurred on September 24th in the North, resulting in the death of a Kosovo police officer.

The Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, in an announcement on Tuesday, disclosed that officers from the Criminal Police Office had executed a search and seizure operation at the residence and other premises associated with Milan Radoicic, the former vice-president of Lista Srpska in Kosovo. He has been placed in custody for a period of 48 hours.

According to the official statement, Radoicic has been taken to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, where he faces a criminal complaint.

Kosovo’s Minister of the Interior, Xhelal Sveçla, revealed in an interview with Radio Free Europe on September 29th that Kosovo authorities, in collaboration with international partners, are actively pursuing the extradition of all individuals implicated in the planning and execution of the terrorist action in Banjska from Serbia to Kosovo.

Sveçla emphasized that Radoicic’s assertion of acting alone is unfounded, alleging support from Serbia’s President, Aleksandar Vucic.

Radoicic has openly acknowledged his participation in the terrorist attack that took place on September 24th in Kosovo, leading to the tragic loss of Kosovo Police officer Afrim Bunjaku’s life.

“I want to emphasize that we are not terrorists but fighters for the freedom of our people,” read a portion of Radoicic’s statement, as conveyed by his attorney, Goran Petronijevic.

Additionally, Radoicic has tendered his resignation from the position of Vice President of Lista Srpska, a move confirmed by his attorney, Goran Petronijevic.

In his statement, Radoicic explicitly clarified that he did not act on behalf of Lista Srpska during the attack in Kosovo, prompting his decision to step down from the political party.

In drone footage publicly released by Kosovo’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, Milan Radoicic is observed alongside several members of the terrorist group near a guesthouse situated within the Monastery of Banjska, in Zvecan.

In a pre-dawn operation on Friday morning, Kosovo Police conducted a series of raids across three municipalities in northern Kosovo, targeting various facilities, including properties associated with Radoicic. The locations subjected to police action encompassed a villa, a hotel, and a hospital warehouse in Mitrovica.

For a comprehensive profile of Milan Radoicic, please refer to the following link.

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