A woman waves a Serbian flag during a protest in Belgrade, Serbia, 07 March 2023. Students of the Belgrade University have called on a protest against the EU mediated 'French - German' plan for normalization of ties with Kosovo. EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC

Right-Wing Serbian Students Protest Against EU Kosovo Deal

Several hundred students in Belgrade protested against the European plan for Kosovo-Serbia normalisation, saying the government would commit treason if it accepts it.

Several hundred people gathered at a protest called “Students for Kosmet” organized by students of the University of Belgrade, denouncing the EU plan for the normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

The protesters also criticized the idea of forming an Association of Serb-Majority Municipalities in Kosovo, a planned body to represent the Kosovo Serb community that was agreed in a previous deal signed in Brussels in 2013 but not yet been implemented.

“We have only one single demand, it is clear and we will not give up on it, that is the immediate termination of all negotiations and discussions within the framework of the French-German plan,” one of the speakers said.

“That plan leads the Serbian people to ruin, and the government that signs it leads to treason,” it was said.

The protest was held at the Faculty of Philosophy after which the protesters walked to the building of Radio Television of Serbia, RTS, demanding that the public service provide an opportunity for people to hear another opinion on the matter.

The speakers also claimed the government of Serbia and President Aleksandar Vucic had already signaled their intention to accept the plan, with chants of “Treason”, “Down with the government” and “Resignation”.

FoNet news agency reporter Marko Dragoslavic was attacked after the protest, media reported, adding that an unknown man approached him from behind, pulled a hood over his head and punched him twice in the face, then ran away.

Some politicians from parliamentary right-wing parties attended the protest.

Several right-wing parties – Zavetnici,  Dveri and the New Democratic Party of Serbia, DSS – have heavily criticised the agreement, claiming it clearly accepts the former Serbian province’s independence, which Serbia has vowed never to recognise.

They announced a new protest on March 17, a day before the planned meeting in Skopje where Kosovo PM Albin Kurti and Serbian President Vucic are due to meet again to talk on the EU proposal.

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