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Protests Over Violence Against Women On International Women’s Day

Hundreds of citizens have marched against systematic violence against women to mark International Women's Day in Prishtina.

Instead of a celebration, this March 8 found citizens protesting in front of state institutions in Prishtina against violence against women.

The march, organized by the Collective for Feminist Thought and Action, started at the Palace of Justice and followed the traditional path to the Government of Kosovo.

This year’s protest rallied to the call, ‘We don’t celebrate, we march  for a life without violence against girls and women.’

Photo: Shkodrane Dakaj/BIRN

At the start of the march, Elvedina Hajdari, a survivor of domestic violence,  denounced her ex-husband for violence and disturbances and complained about the treatment she received from institutions regarding her case.

“After my report to the Police, although my ex-husband was charged with a criminal offense in 2021, the prosecution released him under standard procedures and again the abuser bothered me,” she said loudly.

Hajdari said that as long as he is not punished, she will not feel safe to live freely.

“After my ex-husband did not respect the court’s decision, he went into custody where he spent three months. Following an apology and admission of guilt he was released, but still the worries, the provocations, the observations have not stopped, all this violence against me has not stopped. Despite the continuous evidence provided to the court, of the violence that was and is being done to me, the sentence that my ex-husband received from the Basic Court in Drenas is too low,” Hajdari emphasized.

Photo: Shkodrane Dakaj/BIRN

President Vjosa Osmani said that together we can create a world where women are equal and free to fulfill their goals.

“To all the women and girls of Kosovo today and every day: Never stop dreaming, but especially never stop believing,” Osmani wrote on Facebook.

PM Albin Kurti said that gender inequalities were created by men in a discussion of the Agency for Gender Equality.

“No great creative tradition has been made without women,”  said Kurti.

International Women’s Day acts as a global focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

Photo: Eddie Rabeyrin/Prishtina Insight
Photo: Eddie Rabeyrin/Prishtina Insight
08/03/2023 - 14:16

08 March 2023 - 14:16

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