Tour Kosovo’s medieval Novo Brdo Fortress in 360

The medieval mining town and fortress of Novo Brdo, explored through Kallxo’s 360-degree video technology.

Novo Brdo, in eastern Kosovo, is home to ruins of a medieval fortified settlement.

The Novo Brdo Fortress, situated between the villages of Perlepnice and Krivareke, is today part of the recently consolidated Novo Brdo Municipality.

For English, turn on closed captions.

According to the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Sport, the name Novo Brdo was mentioned for the first time during the first decade of the 14th century, as Nuovo Monte. Historical evidence suggests that as a medieval mining town, Novo Brdo was important to the economy of the Roman Empire.

The 360 video footage shows the extent of the fortress, which is only accessible from the eastern side. The town of Novo Brdo also contains the ruins of the Cathedral of Artana.

The medieval town of Novo Brdo is listed as Special Protective Zone under Kosovo law.


15 November 2017 - 15:13

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