The insect, named "Potamophylax humoinsapiens". Photo courtesy of Professor of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Mathematical Sciences, FNMS at the University of Prishtina, Halil Ibrahimi.

New Insect Discovered in Kosovo

Professor of Biology, Halil Ibrahimi, has discovered a new insect in Sharri National Park, bringing a new asset to biodiversity in Kosovo.

A biology scientist in Kosovo has discovered a new  type of caddisfly in the Sharr Mountains. 

Professor of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Mathematical Sciences, FNMS at the University of Prishtina, Halil Ibrahimi, presented the details of his discovery at the University of Prishtina, on Wednesday. 

The University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, UP congratulated the professor for his discovery on Wednesday. The insect is believed to be microendemic.

The insect, named “Potamophylax humoinsapiens”, was accepted as a new insect in January of this year even though it has been under  research since 2010.

“This research has started since 2010, when I found the first specimen of this type in the field in the Sharri Mountains.  This research has continued for years until we compiled the overview, which means field work,” said professor Halil Ibrahimi in the UP Senate hall, during the presentation of the discovery.

Professor Halil said that he mainly works in the research of aquatic insects.

“In Kosovo, there is little information about insects and there are areas that have not been researched. Kosovo is a hearth of biodiversity”, he added.

“Potamophylax humoinsapiens” is a type of aquatic insect, which was found in the Lepenc River in Sharri National Park.

“This insect only lives in some small brooks and small mountain rivers in Sharr mountains, in the area of Brezovica, the watershed of the Lepenc river and Lumbardh of Prizren,” he added. 

Ibrahimi explained that the name of the insect “humoinsapiens” comes from two Latin words: “humo” which means “to cover with soil, to bury” and “insapiens” which means “reckless, unwise”.

Rector of the University of Prishtina, Qerim Qerimi, said that they value the work of the Biology professor.

“This [the acknowledgement] is a gratitude [to Professor Halil Ibrahimi], the least we can do and a gesture of appreciation for those who bring results,” said the rector.

Sharri National Park covers an area of 53,469 hectares and lies in the territory of the municipalities of Kosovo, Kaçanik, Shtërpcë, Suharekë, Prizren and Dragash.

The park is protected by a special law of Kosovo instutions.

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