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 Activists who Attacked Kosovo Assembly Building Acquitted

Frashër Krasniqi, Adea Batusha, Egzon Haliti and Atdhe Arifi have been acquitted by the Basic Court of the charges of a terrorist attack on the Assembly building in 2016.

The Basic Court in Prishtina on Tuesday acquitted four activists of the Self-Determination Movement, LVV, from charges of undertaking a terrorist attack on the Kosovo Assembly on the night of August 4, 2016.

Regarding the attack, in addition to the current accused Petrit Ademi was also accused, against whom the investigations were stopped, as was Astrit Dehari, who died in the Detention Centre in Prizren, in circumstances that are still unclear.

This case was re-tried by the court of second instance, the Court of Appeal. The retrial started in March 2020.

On November 27, 2017, the court of first instance issued a guilty verdict against the four, Atdhe Arifi, Frashër Krasniqi, Egzon Haliti and Adea Batusha.

The court sentenced Arifi to six years in prison. Krasniqi to eight years, Haliti to five and a half years and Batusha to two.

The same four were accused of terrorist attacks by the special prosecution.

Astrit Dehari died on November 5, 2016, while being held in the Detention Centre in Prizren, as a suspect.

Since then, the investigation into his death had taken different directions, while numerous local and international expertises have been requested.

The responsible authorities initially classified his death as a suicide, but the Dehari family demanded an international expert examination, citing doubts about this finding.

In February 2017, the family decided that the University Center of Forensic Medicine in Switzerland would carry out the expertise.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office of Kosovo declared that in the report received from the Institute in Lausanne on April 1, that the DNA analysis did not show any DNA profile other than his own.

Meanwhile, on December 8, the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, declared that the samples of Dehari from the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Kosovo have disappeared.

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