Photo: Antigonë Isufi/BIRN

Person of the Year for Prishtina Insight, Faruk Kukaj 

Wheelchair-user Faruk Kukaj sued the Municipality of Prishtina and partly won his case seeking compensation from the municipality for not providing infrastructure for people like him. 

The 58-year-old’s lawsuit against the Municipality of Prishtina aroused the sympathy of many citizens, as well as support and awareness for people with limited abilities regarding the problems they have in their lives and the conditions in which they live. 

The lack of the right infrastructure has deprived Kukaj of a social life and of many other activities, from moving around his city to accessing basic services with his wheelchair.

Photo: Antigonë Isufi/BIRN

In his lawsuit, Kukaj sought 320,000 euros in compensation from the municipality for the material and spiritual damages caused to him as a result of the lack of infrastructure for wheelchair-users. 

Kukaj’s lawyer in October 2022 asked the court for a minimum payment of 250 euros per month for the companion he needs daily, and 300,000 euros for the mental pain caused. 

The Court of Prishtina partially approved this request. It ordered the municipality to pay 5,500 euros for immaterial damage 

In his public appearances and participation in court hearings, Kukaj encouraged people to demand better infrastructure for people with disabilities. 

Many buildings and institutions in the Kosovo capital still do not have slopes that would help people like Kukaj get around. His voice about these shortcomings has given hope to all those who face similar difficulties.

Kukaj has increased the confidence of all those citizens to demand accountability from the government and receive compensation for something that is due to them by law. 

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