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Enver Sekiraqa sent back to prison after brief house arrest

Enver Sekiraqa, who is currently appealing a 37-year sentence for inciting the murder of a Kosovo Police officer, was sent back to prison on the order of the Kosovo Court of Appeals.

Enver Sekiraqa, sentenced by the Basic Court in Prishtina with 37 years of imprisonment for inciting the murder of Kosovo Police Officer Triumf Riza, was returned to prison after spending little more than a day on house arrest.

On Thursday, Sekiraqa’s lawyer Kosovare Kelmendi confirmed that his measure was changed from imprisonment to house arrest.

However, he spent no more than 30 hours on house arrest; on Friday night, special police units sent Sekiraqa to the High Security Prison in Dyz, Podujevo, to continue serving the sentence.

Director of Kosovo Correctional Service Sokol Zogaj confirmed the new order.

“Yes, according to the information we have, an order was issued by the Court of Appeals for Enver Sekiraqa to return to prison. He will return to the prison where he had previously been. The request for the return to prison was made by the ones who ordered the house arrest for Sekiraqa,” Zogaj told BIRN.  

Sekiraqa was sentenced by the Basic Court in Prishtina with 37 years imprisonment – the highest sentence ever given by a Kosovo court – for inciting the murder of Triumf Riza in 2007, and is currently appealing the verdict. Riza was murdered by Arben Berisha, who was sentenced with 35 years of imprisonment in 2010.

21/10/2017 - 11:50

21 October 2017 - 11:50

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