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First Technology Park Opens in Prishtina, Expected to Stimulate Innovation 

The first technology park in Kosovo, “Tech Park Prishtina”  was inaugurated on Thursday in the village of Bërnicë in Priashtina, and is expected to facilitate technological innovation in the country. 

Thursday was a special day for technology in Kosovo since on this day on Bërnicë village of Prishtina was accompanied by the inauguration of the first digital park in Kosovo, “Tech Park Prishtina” through which it is intended to develop an extraordinary transformation that promises to reshape the economy and the technological sector of Kosovo.

This incubator with an area of about 4000 square meters will be used by the Association of Information and Communication Technology in Kosovo, AICTK, for the next 5 years, in order to contribute and facilitate the creation of potential sustainable businesses, which offer joint services in entrepreneurship, business support services, advancement of skills and technology, as well as other issues related to the incubator.

On November 15, 2022, the annex to the contract between the Ministry of Industry, Enterprise and Trade, MIED, and AICTK was signed for the commissioning of the Business Incubator in Bërnica, under the administration of the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade.

The facility of this park offers offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and common work spaces as well as entertainment for the break time.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti emphasized that this digital park is the result of an investment of 1.2 million euros by the Government of Kosovo, through the Ministry of Economy.

“The digital technology park should be the place where talent flourishes, dreams take shape and opportunities open up,” said Kurti.

On the other hand, the Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, announced that the technology park is an essential requirement of the ICT sector.

“The digital economy is the most promising perspective for rapid economic development of our country. It is no coincidence that the ICT sector is among the largest exporters in our country, and with such quality it makes Kosovo a competitor not only in the region but in the whole of Europe and beyond”, said Rizvanolli.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Rozeta Hajdari said that they expect this business incubator for enterprises dealing with information technology to be one of the main drivers of the development and transformation of Kosovo’s industry through development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

This achievement was also congratulated by Eva Palatova, deputy head of the European Union.

“We are proud of Kosovo’s ICT sector which has a significant growth potential and we are keen to support Kosovo’s young population and its drive to contribute to societies through innovation,” Palatova said.

Vjollca Çavolli, executive director of the AITCK, thanked present and past governments that have contributed to the realization of this project over the years.

“We really had challenges to finish [the park], fortunately today we are here in the final phase and I am happy to be here today with you to thank the Kosovar taxpayers because their means in this case did not have to go to waste”

Ermal Sadiku, Chairman of the Board of STIKK, told Prishtina Insight that economic growth, the creation of new jobs and innovation and research are some of the main effects that “Tech Park Prishtina” will bring.

“Other effects will also be in the development of infrastructure, attraction of foreign investments, education and development of talents, diversification of the economy, and regional development”, Sadiku added. 

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13 October 2023 - 18:17

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