A view of the motorway 'Arben Xhaferi' near the town of Kacanik, Kosovo, 01 June 2018. The Motorway 'Arben Xhaferi' links the Kosovo's capital Pristina with the border of the The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia at Han i Elezit, which is about 20 km from capital Skopje. The construction of the motorway is 60 km long, has a budget of 600 million euro, started in July 2014 and it is scheduled to be finished in late 2018. EPA-EFE/VALDRIN XHEMAJ

Kosovo and North Macedonia Sign Agreement for Common Border Crossing Point

Kosovo and North Macedonia have recently signed an agreement aimed at establishing common border crossing points between the neighboring states.

The Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, accepted on Monday the agreement signed by his counterpart in North Macedonia, Oliver Spasovski, which allows the citizens of both neighboring countries to no longer be subject to dual checkpoints, but controls will only be carried out at a single crossing point.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, this agreement will enable the establishment of common border crossing points with the Republic of North Macedonia, specifically at “Han i Elezit – Bllacë” and “Glloboqicë-Jazhincë.”

While, at the common border crossing point “Han i Elezit – Bllacë,” customs and border controls will be conducted on the territory of North Macedonia in Bllacë, at the common border crossing point “Glloboqicë – Jazhincë,” customs and border controls will be carried out on the territory of Kosovo, specifically in Glloboqicë.

Sveçla emphasized in Facebook that “this simplification of procedures will facilitate the movement of individuals and vehicles, save citizens’ time, and eliminate waiting at border points.”

The government of North Macedonia, on July 4th, approved the text of this agreement.

With regards to other border points, Kosovars who travel to Albania continue to undergo controls at the border points. An agreement between the two countries allows citizens to travel without border checks during the summer season, weekends and holidays. 

At the border with Serbia, there are still significant obstacles, as there are restrictions imposed by both states.  Documents including personal information are issued at the borders, in addition to the IDs, as the countries do not recognise each other’s documents. With the Agreement on Integrated Border Management on December 2, 2011, Kosovo and Serbia have agreed to establish common border crossing points at the following border crossings: Merdare, Bërnjak, Mutivodë, Jarinjë, Dheu i Bardhë, and Muçibabë.

The border with Montenegro, at Kulla crossborder, citizens can only pass with passports, including those that are under 18.

20/09/2023 - 09:56

20 September 2023 - 09:56

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