Police officers secure the scene where unknown assailants opened fire on Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic in front of his office in the northern Mitrovica. | Photo: BETA, AP Photo/Bojan Slavkovic

Kosovo arrests murdered politician Ivanovic’s ex-colleague

Silvana Arsovic, a former administrator at Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic’s office, where he was shot dead, was arrested on suspicion of manipulating its security cameras.

The prosecutor investigating the murder of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic told BIRN that the secretary at Ivanovic’s party office in Mitrovica, Silvana Arsovic, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of tampering with the office’s security cameras.

“She [Silvana Arsovic] was an official at the office of Oliver Ivanovic, and was paid as an administrator. Our suspicions are that she manipulated the security cameras,” said prosecutor Syle Hoxha.

Arsovic is the fourth person to have been arrested in connection with Ivanovic’s murder. Three others were detained on Friday morning; media reported that two of them were Kosovo Serb police officers.

The Kosovo prosecution said on Friday that police also raided the home of Milan Radoicic, the vice-president of the main Kosovo Serb party, Srpska Lista, but he avoided arrest.

Radoicic was described as the real powerbroker in the mostly-Serb region of northern Kosovo by Ivanovic shortly before he was shot on January 16 this year in front of his party offices in the northern town of Mitrovica.

Radoicic is now on the run but has denied involvement in Ivanovic’s killing.

At the time of his death, Ivanovic was being retried for ordering the murder of Kosovo Albanians during the war in 1999. He pleaded not guilty.

Earlier on Monday, a spokesperson for Ivanovic’s party, Ksenija Bozovic, told Kossev news website that Silvana Arsovic had been detained and would be held for 48 hours.

“They called Silvana to come to the northern police station this morning regarding the investigation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, which Silvana already had done several times earlier,” Bozovic was quoted as saying.

“At the station they told her that the special prosecutor said that it was necessary for her to go to Pristina, and then, as I understood, somewhere during the trip, she called and told me to find her a lawyer,” she added.

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