Photo: Flakon Zharku

Newborn Monument Dedicated to Threat to Republic’s Future

Marking the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence, Prishtina's iconic Newborn monument this year sends a powerful political message against the destruction of the republic, and against the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities.

The monument, which has already turned into a symbol that conveys a different message every year, is coloured blue and yellow this year and contains a warning against the possible destruction of the republic.

The Newborn letters this year changed to “No New BR” – and  on the letters BR is written “Broken Republic”.

Author Fisnik Ismaili, has tagged Kosovo and Ukraine in relation to this year’s logo on his Facebook page.

Photo: Flakon Zharku

In recent months, Kosovo is facing great international pressure to form an Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority, which is being opposed by Prime Minister Albin Kurti and civil society as a mono-ethnic entity that goes against the Constitution of the Republic.

Meanwhile, the message also refers to Ukraine, which has been facing Russian aggression for almost a year.

The official website of the Newborn Monument said that this year’s theme is provocative and represents the current situation in which Kosovo finds itself.

“This year’s theme is no different. It is provocative, perhaps more than other times, but as always it is related to the situation in which our people and our country are, and is yet another significant crossroads towards the statehood of Kosovo,” the post said.

Every year, volunteers and companies help paint the monument. Each year’s theme contains a message from Kosovo to the world, presenting its participation and contribution to global events.

The Newborn has received many different faces over the last 15 years since Kosovo declared independence from Serbia, which the latter refuses to recognise. 

Originally built in 2008 by Fisnik Ismaili, it was then painted bright yellow.

Initially, the plan was not to change its colour and design, but its degradation as a result of graffiti and damage prompted the creator of the project to accept change and each year give it a new image that symbolizes a current situation or relevant theme.

The monument is located in the centre of the capital, in the area known as the Palace of Youth and Sports, and attracts visitors from all over the country and abroad.

17/02/2023 - 10:59

17 February 2023 - 10:59

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