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Exhibition on Five Murdered National Heroes Opens in Gjilan

An exhibition in honour of five martyrs to the national cause who were killed 40 years ago has opened at the Ethnological Museum in Gjilan.

In the framework of the annual cultural event, the “Flame of January” [Flaka e Janarit] in Gjilan, on Wednesday an exhibition – “The room of Kadri, Jusuf, Bardhosh, Rexhep and Nuhi” – in memory of the late patriotic activists, brothers Jusuf and Bardhosh Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka, Rexhep Malaj and Nuhi Berisha, opened.

Erson Zymberi, artistic director of Flaka e Janarit, told Prishtina Insight that the exhibition features stories and images about the life and work of the late activists.

“This room of the Ethnological Museum will display their memoirs and memories, a documentary on their deeds and works and everything that these heroes did for this country. There will be various stories, recordings and photographs. Songs by Jusuf Gërvalla performed with a guitar will also be sung,” he said.

He added that the exhibition will be open to everyone who wants to know more about the life and work of the activists.

“In these cold and frosty days we are trying to ignite them with cultural activities which illuminate both us and the young people who come to visit our activities,” he said.

Entry to the exhibition is free, and it is open until January 31. Measures against COVID-19 and social distancing must be observed.

Brothers Jusuf and Bardhosh Gërvalla and Kadri Zeka were killed on January 17, 1982 in Stuttgart, in what was then West  Germany.

No one was ever convicted for their murder but suspicions remain that it was the work of the old Yugoslav secret service, the UDBA.

Meanwhile, between January 11 and 12, 1984, Rexhep Malaj and Nuhi Berisha were killed in a fight with Serbian police in Pristina.

The 31st manifestation “Flame of January” runs in Gjilan January 11 to 3. Since 2021, the festival has become legally protected heritage.

20/01/2022 - 16:23

20 January 2022 - 16:23

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