Many Names exhibition by Jakup Ferri in Andriesse Ayck Galley, Amsterdam, 03 June, 2023. Photo Prishtina Insight/ Blerta Begisholli

Kosovar Artist’s Work in Amsterdam Art Week

An exhibition by the contemporary Kosovar artist Jakup Ferri brought in Amsterdam for a whole week the art of mixing the traditional techniques and modern designs.

Amsterdam Art Week brought together art lovers, collectors, art professionals, and artists for a whole week, until Sunday, in the Dutch capital.

Jakup Ferri, a Kosovar artist, was one of the 150 artists who presented his exhibition in one of the galleries. Called “Many Names,” the exhibition showcased a diverse palette of colors in a single room.

Photo: Prishtina Insight/Blerta Begisholli

Unrestricted by one medium, Ferri transforms his ideas into different materials. Drawings are translated into tapestries, carpets, or embroideries. These works are created in collaboration with craftswomen from rural areas of Albania. “Many Names” also refers to the cooperative aspect of Ferri’s work.

“As soon as you start exploring the details, you realize that there is not only humor but also a questioning of classic art concepts like representation and reality,” said Zachary.

Photo: Prishtina Insight/Blerta Begisholli

“In these other worlds, you can almost feel small, but here it is the other way around. Here, you feel like the images are in a more vulnerable position,” said Stine, a visitor to the gallery.

“There is no pressure to interpret the entire image,” added Zachary, another visitor of the exhibition.

“I only use black and white when I am drawing. I only use a pen. Then I give them to the ladies, and I don’t know how it suddenly becomes so colorful,” explained Ferri.

Ferri’s work has been featured in numerous international solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries, including cities like Berlin, Taipei, Budapest, New York, and Venice. In 2022, Ferri represented Kosovo at the 59th Biennale of Venice.

Photo: Prishtina Insight/Blerta Begisholli
Photo: Prishtina Insight/Blerta Begisholli
Photo: Prishtina Insight/Blerta Begisholli
Photo: Prishtina Insight/Blerta Begisholli
06/06/2023 - 12:52

06 June 2023 - 12:52

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