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UCK st. no 17; (Qafa complex 2nd floor)


  • Mon-Sat 11 am -3 pm; 6 -10 pm. Sun 3 -9 pm.


  • Phone:
  • +37744821970

Himalay Gorkha

  Although most cafes and restaurants in Prishtina are fairly easy to find due to their online presence, some others require a bit more field work. It took me a few minutes of ferreting to get to what is the only restaurant in town that serves Nepalese and Indian dishes. The Himalayan Gorkha Restaurant is located on first floor of a semi-abandoned shopping mall on the UÇK street; it was immediately discernable due to the distinct tunes that managed to escape the four walls of the venue. I didn’t let the location put me off.   One of the owners who was ...

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