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You might have read that Yahoo article about how the best macchiatos in the word are made in Prishtina. But the city has more than that. A visitor spending a day in the newest capital of Europe should take in a macchiato before walking around some of the interesting places, old cultural objects and bars – without which Prishtina would be known only for good macchiato and nothing else.



Bajram Kelmendi street, Prishtina


  • 9:00-17:00, Monday-Saturday


  • Phone:
  • 045 654 045

Adelina's Cook Shop

As the pandemic hit, Adelina Bikliq began posting recipes on Instagram leading her on a path to opening Adelina’s Cook Shop, a delightful Prishtina patisserie selling exceptional cheesecakes.


Village of Korishe, Prizren


  • Phone:
  • Delfini: 045 257 617

Korishe waterfalls

The mountains behind the village of Korishe near Prizren offer a chance to delve into Kosovo’s wilderness and explore local history from ancient to modern.


One of downtown Prishtina’s finest restaurants has reopened on Mother Teresa Boulevard with the same delightful menu, including its showstopping deep-fried brie.


Miran, a new addition to Prishtina’s heaving cafe scene, stands out from the crowd by embracing innovation and importing sweet delicacies from further east.


The vegan heavy menu at Soul in Prishtina offers some exciting and adventurous plant-based dishes but attempts to replicate dishes traditionally made with animal products sometimes fall short.

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Palete: An open invitation to the artist’s studio

Guide: Two artists have opened up their Ulpiana studio to the public as a cafe and gallery, hoping that this is part of a transformation of their small neighborhood into an artistic quarter for Prishtina.


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Prishtina Insight’s guide for where to eat, stay, and explore in Shkoder, Albania.


Useful apps to have in Kosovo

Browse through Kosovo laws, select your seat at the cinema, and check local bus routes, all with a tap on your touch screen.

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