In the center Milan Radoicic, the vice-president of the Serbian List. Illustration by BIRN.

Interpol Issued an International Arrest Warrant for Milan Radoicic

INTERPOL has issued an arrest warrant for Milan Radoicic, the organizer of the terrorist attack against the Kosovo police on September 24, 2023.

BIRN has learned that Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant for the act of terrorism against the former deputy leader of the Serbian List party following the organization of the terrorist attack against the Kosovo police in the village of Banjska in Zvecan on September 24, 2023.

According to the information that BIRN obtained, Interpol based the warrant also on two arrest warrants issued by the Court of Prishtina on October 3 and 11, 2023.

The list contains another 19 people, with initials: L. S., M. R., M. J., M. K., M. V., M. V., N. S., S. P., S. J., S. R., T. V., U. J., U. M., V. Gj., V. R., V. V., V. A., V. J., A. M.

Based on the data and names that BIRN has obtained, BIRN has identified also participants of the violent protests in Zveçan when KFOR soldiers were attacked in May. Also, among those wanted by Interpol, there are also former members of the Kosovo Police.

The former deputy leader of the Serbian List, Milan Radoicic, has taken responsibility for the events in Banjska, Zvecan, where a police official was killed, and two others were injured after being attacked with explosive devices.

During the counterattack by the Kosovo Police, at least 3 members of the group led by Milan Radoicic were killed, some were arrested, and the majority had fled towards Serbian territory.

Since September 24 and in the following days, the forces of the Kosovo Police have found a large amount of weaponry and evidence in Banjska and the surrounding area, indicating that the group was supported by Serbia.

Even before the attack on the Kosovo police on September 24, which was deemed a terrorist act in Prishtina, Kosovar authorities linked Milan Radoicic to criminal activities.

However, Serbia, which does not recognize Kosovo’s independence, does not acknowledge the accusations made by Kosovo authorities.

The attack in Banjska is not treated as terrorism in Serbia, and Radoicic was not accused of the murder of the police officer Afrim Bunjaku in a procedure before the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade.

Among the suspected crimes were causing public danger and possessing firearms without permission.

Western countries strongly condemned the attack in Banjska and called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. Serbia has been requested to cooperate in the investigation of this case.

Radoicic has been a fugitive from Kosovo’s justice system for a while, successfully eluding capture on multiple occasions. His most recent escape occurred in February 2022 at the Bernjak border point in northern Kosovo.

Radoicic is also suspected in connection with the “Brezovica” case, where allegations of witness tampering have been raised.

In 2018, the murder of Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic in North Mitrovica prompted investigations by Kosovo’s law enforcement agencies, which led them to trace links to Milan Radoicic in the assassination. Consequently, a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Special Prosecution. However, this arrest warrant was later revoked by prosecuting authorities in early 2021.

Radoicic has been on the U.S. blacklist since December 2021 for international organized crime, while Kosovo associates him with murder, corruption, and intimidation of witnesses in legal proceedings.

In addition to the United States, Radoicic is also under sanctions from the United Kingdom since 2022 due to suspicions of corruption.

This article was updated on 13:50 to add the fact that another 19 people were included in the warrant list, and their initials. 

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