Kurti self-isolates after suspected contact with coronavirus

Acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti has announced that he and staff from his office and the Ministry of European Integration will be self-isolating from Monday after reportedly coming into contact with a person suspected of having contracted coronavirus.

In a Facebook post published on Monday, acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti notified the public that he will go into self-isolation after coming into contact with a person who has had physical contact with an individual that has tested positive for coronavirus.

“Today is the first day I will not go to work at the Prime Minister’s Office,” he stated. “An official from the Ministry of European Integration has had close contact with someone that tested positive for COVID-19.”

Kurti said that samples have been taken and he is currently awaiting the test results.

“I was in contact with other employees at the Ministry of Integration and the Office of the Prime Minister, although I always respected the rules of physical distance,” Kurti said, adding that he will remain isolated in his flat until the results of his test are made public.

“We will perform our tasks from a distance with the same dedication; we will make the right decisions with the same responsibility,” Kurti stated.

Government spokesperson Perparim Kryeziu confirmed to BIRN on Monday that alongside Kurti and his closest staff, Minister of European Integration Blerim Reka and his staff have also gone into self-isolation.

Of the 9,934 people tested for coronavirus in Kosovo since February 8, 884 people have been confirmed positive, 655 have fully recovered, and 28 people who contracted coronavirus are reported to have died.

Over the weekend, a slight increase in the number of reported cases in Kosovo was recorded, following a significant decrease in cases announced during the first week of May. On Saturday, eight new cases were confirmed, while on Sunday 14 people were reported as testing positive, with the Infectious Disease Clinic announcing that two people had recovered. 

The decrease in reported cases at the start of the month was met with eased restrictions on freedom of movement. From May 3, Kosovo residents were allocated two 90-minute slots per day for essential travel and exercise, expected to be in force until May 18 as part of its three phase plan to “return to normality.” 

After this date, the situation will be reviewed by the government, with further restrictions lifted depending on the epidemiological situation. 

Businesses are set to reopen gradually from May 18, alongside urban and intercity public transport, cultural institutions and services such as dentists, physiotherapy and hairdressers. The three phase plan also foresees the government assessing the possibility of opening shopping centres, gyms, religious institutions, parks and day-care centres.

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