Central Elections Commission meeting. Photo: BIRN.

Parliamentary election results set to be certified

Nearly two months after parliamentary elections on October 6, the Kosovo Central Election Commision has finally certified the results, with NISMA-AKR passing the five percent threshold and joining the next legislative.

On Wednesday, the Central Election Commission, CEC, took the decision to certify the final results of the early parliamentary elections held on October 6. Valdete Daka, the head of the CEC said that the decision came after the Complaints and Appeals Panel and Kosovo’s Supreme Court confirmed that no legal issue is left to be treated by these institutions.

According to the results released by the CEC, five Kosovo Albanian subjects have won representation in the Assembly. 

Vetevendosje will have 29 MPs after receiving just over 221,000 votes, or 26.2 per cent of the overall vote. The Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK, will have 28 MPs, having received over 206,000 votes, or 24.5 per cent, while the Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, will have 24 MPs after receiving over 178,000 votes, or 21 per cent.

Two coalitions also won representation. The coalition between the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, AAK, and the Social Democratic Party, PSD, received over 96,000 votes, around 11.5 per cent, and will have 13 MPs, though all are members of AAK. 

The coalition between NISMA, the New Kosovo Alliance, AKR, and the Justice Party also narrowly passed the five per cent threshold required for representation in the parliament. After a number of complaints and legal battles, the party’s 42,083 votes were enough to represent 5.002 per cent of the vote, earning the coalition six MPs.

Amongst the 20 seats set aside for Kosovo’s ethnic minorities, Belgrade-backed Lista Srpska will fill all 10 seats representing Kosovo Serbs.

The certification of the results should pave the way for the formation of a new government, anticipated to be a coalition between Vetvendosje and LDK, who have repeatedly stated that they are waiting for the results to be certified in order to finalize a coalition agreement. Numerous meetings between representatives from Vetevendosje and LDK have been held to merge the political programs of the former opposition parties.

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