Private institutions approved for coronavirus testing

The Ministry of Health has revealed the names of 29 private health institutions which have met the criteria to conduct PCR and serological tests for coronavirus, but with the Health Inspectorate yet to conduct inspections testing may not begin for some time.

The Ministry of Health has announced that 29 private health institutions across Kosovo have met the criteria to provide tests for coronavirus. 

Two institutions, one in Prishtina and one in Lipjan, have met the criteria to provide PCR tests, which identify whether the virus is currently active within the body. Meanwhile, 27 other institutions have been approved to conduct serological tests, which ascertain the presence of antibodies, revealing whether the patient has previously been infected. 

According to the ministry, over 100 applications have been made by institutions wishing to conduct testing, with 34 reviewed thus far. More applications will be reviewed this week, with the names of more institutions able to perform coronavirus tests to be provided soon.

However, testing at these institutions may not start for some time. 

The ministry stated that from Tuesday, the Health Inspectorate will conduct inspections of the institutions that have met the criteria to perform the tests. These inspections will assess whether the institutions meet the standards of health, safety and preparedness to carry out testing that is required. 

Two private laboratories in Prishtina, ‘Fati Im’ and ‘Norma’, which are both included on the list published by the Ministry of Health, have told Prishtina Insight that testing cannot begin until the inspection of their institution is completed. Prishtina Insight contacted Ministry of Health spokesperson Faik Hoti to determine when testing may begin at the identified institutions, but received no response.

Since February, PCR testing has been conducted exclusively by Kosovo’s National Institute of Public Health, NIPH, which has tested 41,152 people as of 10 August. 

The intention to introduce testing in private institutions was first announced by the Minister of Health on 5 July in response to the huge rise in the number of cases recorded by the NIPH. Citizens had frequently been visiting private institutions in Skopje seeking testing due to difficulties in getting tested in Kosovo.

List of private institutions meeting criteria to provide tests.

10/08/2020 - 16:01

10 August 2020 - 16:01

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