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State Prosecutor removed from his investigation for bias

Prosecutor Rexhep Maqedonci was removed from a criminal investigation he was leading on Thursday after BIRN revealed that he called a witness to the case ‘disgraceful’ and ‘sneaky.’

Rexhep Maqedonci, a Kosovo state prosecutor heading an ongoing investigation into an assault that involved sexual harassment allegations, was removed from leading the investigation by the state prosecution on Thursday, after it was discovered he made bias statements in a phone call discussing the case that would prejudice the investigation.  

Kosovo Chief Prosecutor, Imer Beka, confirmed to BIRN that Maqedonci would no longer be involved in the investigation.

According to reports from the Kosovo Police, the case involves a professor at the University of Prishtina who was allegedly assaulted by the husband of one of his students. This student raised sexual harassment accusations against the professor during a witness statement she made to the police concerning the assault.

The assault, which is currently being investigated by Kosovo prosecution, occurred after the student failed one of her exams. The woman attributed this failure to the sexual harassment she faced at the hands of the professor two years prior her failing the exam, which is run and marked by the professor.

BIRN previously reported in March that Maqedonci used prejudicial language concerning the case facts in a phone interview with BIRN, calling the woman who accused her university professor of sexual harassment “disgraceful” and “sneaky.”

Maqedonci’s initial comments, which included claims that the sexual harassment accusations made by the woman were “clear lies,” were made in March prior to the investigation being concluded.

When the prosecution was asked whether Maqedonci dismissed from the case by the prosecution, Beka replied that it was a joint decision made by the chief prosecutor and Maqedonci.

“Together, while talking with him, we decided that he would leave the case,” Beka said to BIRN.

BIRN reported that Maqedonci believed the woman who made the accusation to the police was attempting to “blackmail an innocent person,” adding that “he is as likely to have harassed her as I am to have harassed my mother.”

Criminal charges were filed only against the woman’s husband for assaulting the professor. Whether or not the woman was subjected to sexual harassment by her professor has been reported, but is not officially part of the criminal charge being investigated.

According to Kosovo Police, the woman’s statement concerning sexual harassment was given in the capacity of a witness to the assault, and not as a victim.

The Kosovo prosecution are yet to confirm whether further disciplinary measures are to be taken against Maqedonci.

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