DonutBar – traditional krofne gets an upgrade

by Adea Kondirolli27/01/2017 - 11:19


As close as to an American donut as Kosovars can get, these cheap treats are pretty sweet.

Located across from of Faculty of Electrical Engineering up in Sunny Hill and possibly catering primarily to students, DonutBar looks like a cute, bright neighborhood bakery.

From the name, one can easily surmise that the primary focus in this shop is on perfecting the American style donut. Nevertheless, their menu rotates and every day various freshly baked donuts line the racks. I was looking forward to their monster donuts with half a Snickers bar on top, but on the day we visited, the choices included sprinkle-covered donuts, chocolate-plazma glazed, and coconut donuts. Naturally, I tried all three.

There’s a theory in the pastry world that you’re either a cake donut person or a yeast one. For those of us in solidarity with the yeast camp, you’ll have found your place at DonutBar. The donuts themselves are chewy, light, and slightly savory–not at all like the sad cakey ones found at Meridian. The frosting for the sprinkles donuts and coconut donuts is simple and sweet, thankfully spread in a very thin layer. The Plazma donuts are covered in a chocolate frosting with crushed Plazma cookies on top.


DonutBar is also trying its hand at bagels, served as sandwiches with chicken or tuna salad. However, when I visited the only filling option was a combo of Nutella and banana. Except for the shape, the  bread rolls lacked both the chewiness and the crunch of a bagel. Instead it had the texture of a thin sandwich bread and plenty of room for improvement. It would have definitely been better if it was toasted, and if served with a more classical spread like cream cheese and lox.

Hot drinks are also on the menu, and the large macchiato was perfect, creamy and not too bitter.

The donuts are 50 cents a pop and have made it to my official daily menu, so all I need now is a suggestion for a good gym.

27 January 2017 - 11:19



Agim Ramadani.


8 am - 8 pm.


Phone: +386 49 355 472
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