N’Peshk: Fish Worthy of the Name

by Hana Marku13/02/2015 - 10:49


Prishtina residents are used to restaurants that promise the world when it comes to fish, only to deliver about-to-sour, sort-of-frozen tasting fish that probably came from a Maxi supermarket. I’m happy to report that N’Peshk is not such a place.

In their recent TV appearance, the owners of N’Peshk said that they wanted to bring the best of the Albanian seaside to Prishtina. Namely, fresh, well-prepared fish. On that front, N’Peshk appears to have succeeded.

During a recent visit we ordered a country salad (sallate fshati), with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions, olives, and cheese. It came with a basket of whole wheat bread and the usual condiments of olive oil and vinegar. The vegetables were fresh, the bread was good, and the salad was all around decent. It was a bit small for two people, and cost 2.50 euros.

Then came the main dishes. My dining partner ordered grilled sea bass, which arrived expertly sauteed and had a fresh, mild taste. Garnished with baked potatoes and red peppers, the meal was satisfying and well worth the 7.50 euro cost.

I ordered linguine with seafood, which arrived with generous servings of mussels, shrimp, and calamari in a light tomato sauce. There’s so many ways to go wrong with this dish, despite its simplicity. The tomato sauce can overwhelm the seafood, or mussels and shrimp can literally just be thrown into the pasta, without making any effort to bring out its flavours. Or worse, the seafood itself can taste frozen – supermarket frozen.

This was not the case here. Each of the component parts was prepared as they should: not overcooked, and not chewy. This is probably the only place I’ll order this kind of dish from in the future. Well worth the pricey 5.80 euro cost.

The decor is simple and welcoming, without attempting the same kitschy grandeur that so many Prishtina restaurants attempt to emulate. Small things, like making sure a screen is placed in front of the front door to protect guests from the winter weather, shows an attention to comfort lacking in many other restaurants. You’ll feel comfortable eating here.

The salad, sea bass, pasta, and two beverages came up to 17.80 in total. If you want decent seafood worthy of the name, I’d say it’s worth the cost.

13 February 2015 - 10:49



Location: 3 Josip Rela (just past Sofra Bez Tavern).


Hours: 9am-11pm daily.


Phone: 045 233 211
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