This Aga can cook

by Eve-anne Travers06/11/2019 - 09:58


A hidden gem in Prishtina’s old town, Te Aga has been a popular dining spot serving a simple yet faultless menu for more than a decade.

Sometimes the best food exists in the places that are hardest to find, and Te Aga is no exception. 

Around the corner and up a small set of stairs close to the Xhamia e Carshise (the large mosque in the old town), over the road from the Brotherhood and Unity monument in Qafa, a short hidden lane lined with clothing stores leads to Te Aga (Aga’s), although there is no discernable sign or indication that a restaurant sits behind its wooden exterior and small glass door.

‘Aga’ is an endearing term in Albanian for the oldest man in the family household, and traditionally they are not known for prowess in the kitchen. This Aga has proved otherwise, however, serving quick and satisfying Albanian food in Prishtina for the last ten years.

The interior may lead you to believe that the restaurant has been around for even longer. Reminiscent of the capital’s restaurants in the ‘90s, the yellow-painted wooden-plaque walls, bare interior and cheesy music does not make for the cosiest of eateries, but this does not stop Te Aga bursting at the seams with people during lunch and dinner. 

Photo: Atdhe Mulla/PI.

You will struggle to get a table at peak eating times at Te Aga, so time your visit wisely and make sure that you are hungry. 

There is no menu to speak of, but Te Aga is a haven for lovers of grilled meat: the server will list off a choice of ram steak, cevapi, pleskavice, suxhuk, veal, chicken, ushtipka or beef steak, all served with salad and hot fresh bread, ranging from two to six euros for a plate depending on which meat you choose. 

The ram steak in particular was tender and the plate piled high with meat, but is the most expensive dish, coming in at six euros. Once you taste the quality of the meat, though, the price is the last thing on your mind. If you are looking for a more affordable dish, Aga’s cevapi can live up to the most exacting of standards, and are only two euros for five pieces. 

Photo: Atdhe Mulla/PI.

A soup of the day, shop and Greek salad are on offer as well, but for vegetarians, the mixed salad comes with the highest recommendation. A rainbow plate loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, white and red cabbage, roasted spicy peppers, sharr cheese, Russian salad, urnebes and kajmak will leave you full to brim and wishing you had room for more. At the price of only two euros, it could compete for the title of one of the best salads in the city. 

Alongside a beer or a coffee, don’t expect to spend more than five euros for your meal. If you are on a budget but do not want to skimp on quality, add Te Aga to your list of tried, trusted and tasty eating spots in the center of town.

06 November 2019 - 09:58

Te Aga


ilir Konushevci nr 2 10000 Prishtina


Mon-Sun 07:30-23:59


Phone: +383 44 233 888

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